Innoz launches New Product – Tranz

Tranz enables you to share photos,videos & music with your friends and family – right from your GPRS/3G mobile phone.

Tranz is a file sharing and networking application that enriches your mobile Internet experience. Using Tranz you can stay connected with your closest buddy list i.e. your phonebook! Sharing files could never have been so easy. Tranz lets you share any kind of files on your mobile with your phonebook network. Tranz also lets you do a lot more with mobile Internet. Shout about what you are doing and share your thoughts with your friends and send unlimited messages!

Tranz is a social tool for the your strongest social network. Sharing pictures, videos and your thoughts has just got simplified. With just a first time login screen, Tranz is easy to use and easy to download app.

The application is launched in India & soon we will be launching world wide.
Right now TRANZ supports all JAVA enabled handsets, but soon we are launching native applications for Symbian,iphone & android.

Download the application from PC:
From Mobile: 

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